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DFWLRC -Breeder Code of Ethics

It is the intent of the Dallas Fort Worth· Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. (DFWLRC) Breeder's Code of Ethics to provide education to the general public and membership and protect the welfare of the Labrador Retriever breed. The Club recognizes the right of individuals to pursue their own understanding of the breed standard. However, in breeding Labrador Retrievers, emphasis must be placed equally on producing soundness, type , natural hunting ability, and temperament. DFWLRC members agree that indiscriminate breeding and/or breeding in large numbers seta a poor public example , increases the hazards of overpopulation, and leads to the overall deterioration of the Breed.
Members agree litters and stud dogs must meet the conditions set forth herein to be listed in the Club Newsletter or recommended by the Referral Program. The Club recommends that offspring whose sire and/or dam do not meet the Code be sold on Limited Registration basis. A limit of two litters per member household, per year may be advertised and referred at no cost. Any
further litters may be listed and referred at a cost of one hundred dollars ($100.00) per litter, payable to the DFWLRC, to be used for Labrador Rescue.
In order to establish minimum criteria for demonstrating natural ability, tractability, and conformation to the breed standard of the sire and dam, the following method of evaluating suitability of stud dogs and brood bitches for a breeding program is suggested, but not required:

Stud dogs and brood bitches should have earned at least one of the following

a) Two (2) championship points as awarded by the American Kennel Club
b) A basic performance title, including but not limited to: obedience, tracking, or hunting title (CD TD or JH) as awarded by the American Kennel Club, or any other
nationally recognized organization
c) A judge's Award of Merit (JAM) or placement in a Derby, Qualifying, Amateur or Open Stake of a Sanctioned or Licensed Field Trial
d) A working Certificate (WC) as given by any recognized Labrador Retriever Club.


DFWLRC members agree to use as breeding stock only those Labrador Retrievers who meet the following

1. Males over 18 months; 2 years highly recommended
2. Bitches 18 months or third heat cycle; 2 years very strongly recommended
3. Current annual ACVO eye clearances
4. Certified clear of Orthopedic disease:
a) If over two years, cleared by OFA or Wind-Morgan
b) If under two years cleared by; OFA with a rating of Good or Excellent, Wind-Morgan, a board certified radiologist or their foreign counterparts. Clearance to be no earlier than one (1) year.
c) Foreign imports must be certified clear by ACVO and OFA or Wind-Morgan prior to breeding


Animals exhibiting any of the following defects must not be used for breedings:

1. Hip or elbow dysplasia, including borderline cases
2. Any hereditary eye diseases
3. Severe temperament problems include excessive shyness or unprovoked viciousness towards humans and/or other animals
4. Seizures/Epilepsy
5. Severe undershot, overshot, or "wry" mouths
6. A male who does not have two normal testicles located in the scrotum
7. Evidence of known inheritable problems such as, but not limited to, heart murmurs, arrhythmias, Factor VIII Deficiency (hemophilia), hypothyroidism, dwarfism, Myopathy (Type II Muscle Dystrophy), and severe skin allergies
8. Color or markings other than stated in the AKC Labrador Standard to include any other eye colors other than the correct colors of brown, black, or yellow.


Owners must bear their share of public education as they have frequent contact with the non-club affiliated breeding public. Stud dog owners shall:
1. Breed only stud dogs who meet the code "Breeding Requirements" and have no defect listed in the codes "Non-breeding Status"
2. Refuse service to bitches who:

a) Do not meet the code "Breeding Requirements" or have a defect listed in the code's "Non-Breeding Status."
b) Under age
c) Poor health
d) Produced offspring from two immediately previous consecutive heat cycles
e) Owned by those who profess no interest in the breed and appear unwilling to learn

3. PROVIDE AND RECEIVE prior to breeding, copies of AKC registration, OFA/WindMorgan clearances, ACVO clearances, certified pedigrees, and Brucellosis negative test results
4. Provide a copy of this code to the bitch owner
5. Use clearly written stud contracts signed by all parties
6. Refuse to sign the litter registration if it is known the bitch had contact with another male
during the same heat cycle
7. Render any necessary aid with puppies and placement


Owners of brood bitches are the first, perhaps only, contact for Labrador buyers; therefore, the breeder is both role model and teacher. Bitch owners shall:
1. breed only bitches who meet the code "Breeding Requirements" and have no defect listed in
the code's "Non-breeding Status"
2. not breed a bitch on more than two consecutive seasons
3. maintain high standards of hygiene, veterinary care, and socialization
4. cull deformed or severely substandard puppies
5. exert great care in selection of puppy buyers
6. provide the following to buyers:

a. accurate health/shot/worming records
b. feeding instructions
c. AKC required information
d. Copies of OFA/AVCO clearances on both parents
e. An accurate four generation pedigree
f. A copy of this Breeder's Code of Ethics
g. A reading list, recommendations for veterinary care, obedience facilities, trustworthy field trainers, reputable boarding kennels and canine products

7. use clearly written sales contracts stating guarantees, if any
8. state emphatically, willingness to have their puppies returned to them regardless of age
9. recommend to puppy purchasers that any dog which develops a fault listed in "Non-Breeding
Status" be spayed or neutered
10. offer guidance in starting basic obedience
11. utilize AKC Limited Registration or Spay/Neuter contracts, where appropriate
12. encourage puppy buyers to x-ray as adults and have eye examinations

DFWLRC members will ensure good standards of health, care, and socialization of their dogs. Confirmed hereditary defects should be made known to the appropriate authorized agencies to further research studies.

Members will maintain and provide complete, accurate records in accordance with AKC rules and regulations. Failure may result in AKC and DFWLRC suspension.

Members shall not sell or donate adult dogs or puppies to brokers, wholesalers, puppy mills, by the side of the road, flea markets, any outside pet enterprise, or for raffle and auction purposes. However, donations to non-profit service organizations are encouraged. Withholding of registration papers must be accompanied by a written agreement of such, signed by both the buyer and seller at the time of the sale.

Members agree that advertising, written or verbal, shall be factual. The phrases "cheap", "Free to a good home","will trade" , Will deliver" , etc. shall not be used. Such practices denigrate the Labrador Retriever Breed.